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Fabulous Fashion Advice: Football Fashion: An Oxymoron? December 7, 2008

SO…I have been out of town since Thursday and I know you have all been completely devastated without my words of wisdom and advice!  HA!  Ok…let me get my big head under control!  I really don’t have much to say this time…just wanted to let ya’ll know I was still alive!  I’ll have more blog fodder tomorrow morning.  You know…it’s amazing how much inspiration you can get from watching shows like The View or Regis and Kelly!  I always get something good to talk about from those shows.  My husband and I are sitting here getting ready to watch the Tennessee Titans play.  Here’s a bit of fashion advice for you…I flew home at 6am from MS, had a connection in Atlanta and this lady got on our plane that had on this HUGE puffy Cleveland Browns coat.  She was flying into Nashville for the game today.  I couldn’t get over how ugly the coat was!!  I mean…I’m all about showing team spirit but PLEASE do it fashionably!!  PLEASE!  I know you’re saying…but how??  Let me enlighten you…click HEREAlyssa Milano, of Who’s The Boss fame, has designed a line of NFL gear called Touch that is AWESOME!!  I’m not a huge football fan but I would totally wear the stuff she has designed!  It’s fabulous!  SO…if you are looking to be more fashionably in your team spirit check it out!!  REMEMBER…BE FABULOUS!!!