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Fabulous Fashion Advice: Dakota Fanning Cusses???!!! January 19, 2009

So I am so steaming right now!!!!  My husband and I just watched the NFC Championship and a commercial comes on for the new movie Push.  It’s a scene where Dakota Fanning‘s character is talking about seeing her future and it doesn’t look good and then it goes to another scene and the only word I hear is coming from her mouth, it’s 4 letters long starts with a D and ends with an N!!  At least that’s what I think I heard.  Anyway, I was sooo mad!  She is our little Dakota.  The one who was so precious in Charlotte’s Web, the sweet little girl that gets kidnapped in Man on Fire, she’s our little Dakota!!!!  Now she’s cussing????!!!!  I know I should NOT be shocked, I know kids grow up, I know she is 15 years old, I know, I know, I know….BUT she’s little Dakota!!!  I just have a problem with this!  She is such a fantastic actress…what talent and now she is using 4 letter words on film?  I have NEVER understood that thinking behind bad language in movies.  Believe it or not back in the day I went to film school in New York City and got offered a role playing Reba McEntire in a feature film.  I walked in to the meeting with the director and told him that there were words in my script that I wasn’t comfortable using.  He told me “it’s ok…these are just words, it’s fine…”.  I told him “No you don’t understand, I will not use language like that.”.  “But you are our Reba!” he replied.  I said, “If you won’t change the script I’m walking.”…and that exactly what I did and there has not been one day that I have regretted it.  To my knowledge the movie was never made.  I’m not saying all that to say that people who use bad language are bad people.  I just feel like you can get your point across and sound more intelligent by choosing your words more wisely.  Dakota Fanning will not win an Oscar because she uses 4 letter words in her films, Dakota Fanning is going to win Oscars because she is a tremendous talent.  So my question is, if it doesn’t make the film any better…why use it?  Why waste your breath on words that are offensive to some and always unnecessary?  Just my opinion.  Take it for what it is.  You know what my grandpa used to say?  Opinions are like butts…everyone has one.  Just REMEMBER…no matter how you choose to express yourself vocally…BE FABULOUS!!!


Fabulous Fashion Advice: Football Fashion: An Oxymoron? December 7, 2008

SO…I have been out of town since Thursday and I know you have all been completely devastated without my words of wisdom and advice!  HA!  Ok…let me get my big head under control!  I really don’t have much to say this time…just wanted to let ya’ll know I was still alive!  I’ll have more blog fodder tomorrow morning.  You know…it’s amazing how much inspiration you can get from watching shows like The View or Regis and Kelly!  I always get something good to talk about from those shows.  My husband and I are sitting here getting ready to watch the Tennessee Titans play.  Here’s a bit of fashion advice for you…I flew home at 6am from MS, had a connection in Atlanta and this lady got on our plane that had on this HUGE puffy Cleveland Browns coat.  She was flying into Nashville for the game today.  I couldn’t get over how ugly the coat was!!  I mean…I’m all about showing team spirit but PLEASE do it fashionably!!  PLEASE!  I know you’re saying…but how??  Let me enlighten you…click HEREAlyssa Milano, of Who’s The Boss fame, has designed a line of NFL gear called Touch that is AWESOME!!  I’m not a huge football fan but I would totally wear the stuff she has designed!  It’s fabulous!  SO…if you are looking to be more fashionably in your team spirit check it out!!  REMEMBER…BE FABULOUS!!!