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Fabulous Fashion Advice: Michelle Obama and the dress January 21, 2009

So the dress was designed by Jason Wu, a relatively new talent in the fashion world.  I was very impressed that she chose someone of little reknown…it’s SO refreshing to have a First Lady that actually cares about fashion and doesn’t settle for looking like a PTA mom.  The gown was stunning and you can see a pic HERE.  When I first saw it I thought it was cream but it turns out it is a light pale yellow.  It’s beautiful.  I had someone say that she needed to dress her age…are you kidding me??  What?  Just because she is in her 40’s means that she has to dress boring?  Because that’s what you are saying…she is 28 anymore…she should dress like a soccer mom.  NO!  NO I say!!!  ONWARD FASHION!!!!  Can you imagine the gall of someone to say that she should dress OLDER???  They are HIGH!  She looked stunning and elegant.  I was very proud as I know millions of americans were!  We ARE going to see GREAT fashion moments from Michelle Obama.  The Inauguration and Inaugural Ball is the first of many GREAT moments in her fashion life!  I’m excited to watch her style develop!  So here’s great piece of fashion advice…if you want to dress like an old lady and if you want to have NO style at all…do exactly OPPOSITE of what Michelle Obama does and you will have succeeded!  REMEMBER…BE FABULOUS!


Fabulous Fashion Advice: Michelle Obama’s Inaugural gown!!!

SHE LOOKS FABULOUS!!!  I don’t know yet who the designer is but it’s GORGEOUS!!  It’s a cream, long, greacian inspired, one shouldered, with what looks like feathers and beautiful rhinestones/crystals!!  Absolutely ravishing!  President Obama is wearing a black, two button tux with a cream shirt and cream bowtie.  They look stunning!!!  Welcome to the World Mr. President and First Lady!!  Welcome to the world!


Fabulous Fashion Advice: Inauguration is upon on us…what will Michelle wear?! January 19, 2009

SO we are almost at Inauguration Day and we still have NO CLUE what Michelle is going to be wearing.  I can honestly say that I have NO idea what she will choose.  I have found about 40 different choices from FABULOUS designers.  HERE is the link.  If I were to guess and narrow it down I would say she would go with

1. Monique Lhuillier 2/40 is the number on the slide show.

2. POSSIBLY the green Carolina Herrera number but I just don’t think so 3/40.
3.  I LOVE the Badgley Mischka creation…beautiful! 4/40
4.  Michael Kors blue gown is GORGEOUS 14/40
5.  Elie Tahari eggplant gown is really great too 22/40

Those are my picks.  I guess we shall see tomorrow.  I know whatever she chooses it will be fabulous!!  REMEMBER…even though you are the new First Lady…you can still exude class and elegance…and the ALL Important FABULOUSNESS!!!  Remember…BE FABULOUS!