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White House Mishaps July 13, 2010

I got this comment a while back and just now really noticed it…

From Miss M:


First, I do not think First Lady Obama has any fashion sense…fashion mishaps, yes! Her clothes are for 20 year olds not a 45 year old mother of 2. Where are the pantyhose? She is no longer dressing for herself but representing the United States of America to the world. That hideous green dress was awful with the forest green Jimmy Choos and the JCrew gloves. Three greens don’t make it right.

And no, she will never be a Jackie O or in her league. Jackie O had style and class….Michelle lacks both. The white inaugural gown was awful……again, appropriate for a 20 year old not a 45 year old. She can be stylish and classic but so far……she is receiving a failing grade. Let’s hope someone step in and intervene soon or the world will be laughing at the First Lady!

My response.   Ladies and gentlemen please hold your applause until the end!!


There may be a lot of mishaps happening at the White House but it’s certainly not fashion related. Pantyhose?? Really??? No…no…no…no pantyhose allowed unless it is freezing cold and you’re wearing pumps or boots. Fashion is no longer what it used to be. The rules our mothers lived by no longer apply. I think it’s very refreshing to see women/mothers trying to dress like they still give a crap about what the men in their life think…more importantly what THEY think about themselves. GONE are the days of frumpy mom who always smells like baby lotion! GONE I say!! Mom’s today are more FABULOUS than ever before! Give me a mom in skinny jeans chunky boots and loads of bracelets with a dash of the newest Juicy Couture perfume!! Since when can Michelle Obama NOT dress for herself??? That’s absurd. If she’s not being herself then she’s not representing America because that’s who WE THE PEOPLE are. We are individuals, with different styles and quirks. Our individuality is what sets us apart and I think she represents us well…fashionably speaking! My ears are perked up but I hear no laughing yet Miss M.


Fabulous Fashion Advice: Dakota Fanning Cusses???!!! January 19, 2009

So I am so steaming right now!!!!  My husband and I just watched the NFC Championship and a commercial comes on for the new movie Push.  It’s a scene where Dakota Fanning‘s character is talking about seeing her future and it doesn’t look good and then it goes to another scene and the only word I hear is coming from her mouth, it’s 4 letters long starts with a D and ends with an N!!  At least that’s what I think I heard.  Anyway, I was sooo mad!  She is our little Dakota.  The one who was so precious in Charlotte’s Web, the sweet little girl that gets kidnapped in Man on Fire, she’s our little Dakota!!!!  Now she’s cussing????!!!!  I know I should NOT be shocked, I know kids grow up, I know she is 15 years old, I know, I know, I know….BUT she’s little Dakota!!!  I just have a problem with this!  She is such a fantastic actress…what talent and now she is using 4 letter words on film?  I have NEVER understood that thinking behind bad language in movies.  Believe it or not back in the day I went to film school in New York City and got offered a role playing Reba McEntire in a feature film.  I walked in to the meeting with the director and told him that there were words in my script that I wasn’t comfortable using.  He told me “it’s ok…these are just words, it’s fine…”.  I told him “No you don’t understand, I will not use language like that.”.  “But you are our Reba!” he replied.  I said, “If you won’t change the script I’m walking.”…and that exactly what I did and there has not been one day that I have regretted it.  To my knowledge the movie was never made.  I’m not saying all that to say that people who use bad language are bad people.  I just feel like you can get your point across and sound more intelligent by choosing your words more wisely.  Dakota Fanning will not win an Oscar because she uses 4 letter words in her films, Dakota Fanning is going to win Oscars because she is a tremendous talent.  So my question is, if it doesn’t make the film any better…why use it?  Why waste your breath on words that are offensive to some and always unnecessary?  Just my opinion.  Take it for what it is.  You know what my grandpa used to say?  Opinions are like butts…everyone has one.  Just REMEMBER…no matter how you choose to express yourself vocally…BE FABULOUS!!!


Fabulous Fashion Advice: Kiss my Math! December 17, 2008

So, I was watching the Today Show this morning and an actress from one of my very favorite shows was one.  Any of ya’ll remember The Wonder Years?  Well, Winnie, the girl Kevin was in love with…her real name is Danica McKellar and she has a new book out.  Turns out she really is quite a brain just like in the show!  Her new book is called “Kiss My Math” and it relates math to young girls around 13 in a way that makes sense to them.  She uses examples like boys, and shopping to get her point across.  I think this would be a GREAT book to get a young girl in your life for Christmas.  She said something that really struck home with me.  She said, you see all the billboards with the beautiful woman and it says to our young ladies that all you have to be in life is beautiful.  She went on to say that that’s all fine and good to be beautiful but you have to have more than that in life.  You have to be smart.  She said, “Being Fabulous is great…but you also need to be smart.”.  In my opinion being Fabulous isn’t just about the outward appearance.  Being fabulous means being book smart, having common sense, being beautiful (inside and out), having a good attitude and being humble.  So I think she is totally right.  Go get the book…I think I’m going to!!  And I’m not even 13!  Hahaha!!  I just remember in school I absolutely HATED math.  I didn’t understand why letters would give you and answer to a problem involving NUMBERS!!  I still don’t and I still HATE math BUT I think with this book I might could really change my thinking.  So that’s my advice…go get the book “Kiss My Math” by Danica McKellar and REMEMBER…BE FABULOUS!!!


Fabulous Fashion Advice: Holiday Party Fashions December 9, 2008

So I was watching this local tv channel news bit about holiday do’s and don’ts as far as fashion goes…do you know what they said…they said “Don’t wear lots of makeup.”  UGH…don’t wear lots of makeup!!  Are you kidding me???  That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard!  This is winter…this is Christmas…this is time for GREAT makeup!  Now it doesn’t mean you have to cake it on like Tammy Faye Baker, God rest her poor soul, BUT…you definitely want to look good this holiday season!  Put some paint on that barn and shine!  I got so frustrated when I head that igit say that.  Now there are going to be women going to fabulous holiday parties looking like they should just be at home watching tv.  I mean put a little effort forth and make yourself look like the fabulous person I know you are!  I will never for the life of me understand why people think that to be really beautiful you are supposed to wear very little makeup?!  I mean come on!…look at the Victoria’s Secret models…do you REALLY think that they aren’t wearing any makeup?…NO it took hours of putting on makeup to make them look like they are “naturally” beautiful.  So here’s some REAL fabulous advice on what to do about the holiday season…wear FABULOUS makeup…don’t put on SO much that you look like Tammy Faye but make an effort to look extra fabulous.  Add a little sparkle..maybe a shimmer eyeshadow or something.  MAC cosmetics has a great guide on their website…check it out HERE.  Also, wear something festive…it doesn’t have to be red or green.  Try a deep eggplant, copper or dark brown.  Here are a few examples…PS…keep in mind what the weather is in your area.  If you are going to be in freezing cold temps…don’t wear something strapless…or AT LEAST if you do wear a great cardigan over it.  Check these out…Black and Gold number from Cache`, I LOVE this one, this is really cute…I have it in hot pink!, this is GREAT!! from Forever 21 I may have to have it!, pair this with this VERY CUTE!.  That should give you a good idea or at least a good starting point.  So my fashion advice to you this Holiday Season would be to #1 Be Fabulous, #2 put a good coat of paint on the barn and #3 dress to the nines!  REMEMBER…BE FABULOUS!


Fabulous Fashion Advice: I have the “I don’t want tos” November 12, 2008

Does anyone other than me every get the “I don’t want tos”?  For those of you who don’t know what that means…it means that you wake up in the morning and you just don’t feel like doing ANYTHING!  That’s how I feel this morning.  I live downtown Franklin, it’s a very very historic area, it feels like I’m in a Norman Rockwell painting.  Anyway, I went outside and it’s just a really sleepy day.  It’s overcast and I just don’t want to do anything but sit on the couch and watch Home Alone.  Having the “I don’t want tos” suck!  BUT…while I was sitting here in my chair watching tv I saw Annie Leibovitz (she’s photographed some of the most famous people on earth…Queen Elizabeth, The Rolling Stones, Miley Cyrus, John Lennon, etc…) on the Today show.  She was speaking about her new book: Annie Leibovitz At Work.  I’m thinking I might need this book.  It showcases some of her most famous photos and then tells the story behind the photo shoot.  I have a feeling this could be really interesting.  Anyway, as I was watching her I realized that she doesn’t really look like she “has it together”.  You know what I mean?  She is the extremely successful photographer but her appearance on the show made her look like she had just come off the street.  I mean I get the whole “I have a creative personality” thing but come on!…get it together.  Her hair was all stringy, her makeup looked like it was 2 days old and she wore something so blah I can’t even remember what it looked like.  Now…I’ve never been on the Today Show but I would think that this would be something that you would want to put forth some effort to look good for?!  IF people even know who she is…unless you are in the fashion world you may not know her…I can promise you that they turned on the Today Show, saw her, and decided to go get some cereal while “the chick who takes pics for that magazine” was babbling about her pictures.  I think that’s sad.  What can you expect though…I mean my goodness, she looked HORRIBLE!  People really should take pride in themselves.  That goes to show you that it’s not MONEY that makes a person Fabulous because I can promise you she has butt loads of money.  So my advice to you…even when you have the “I don’t want tos” at least put forth some effort.  You may not be going on the Today show but the world is your stage and you HAVE to look FABULOUS!  SO…take the time and make yourself look and feel great!!  Don’t be “what’s her name that always has the stringy hair”!  Remember…BE FABULOUS!!!!!!!!


Fabulous Fashion Advice: I’m back! November 11, 2008

SO…I’m back!  I guess you could say I took an extended holiday.  It’s amazing how lazy I got after I got married…42 days and counting!!!  I am finally getting my butt back to work.  You know every year around this time I HAVE to watch You’ve Got Mail!!  I HAVE to…it’s not Fall until I do.  So I am sitting here typing to you and watching “You’ve Got Mail”.  In the movie Tom Hanks girlfriend, played by the fabulous Parker Posey, is this hugh strung coffee addict who couldn’t slow down if she had to.  He says “You make coffee nervous!”.  Do you know people like that?  I do.  Did you know that I read on AOL that there is a study that says in some women there is a gene that when you drink coffee…it makes your boobs smaller.  CAN YOU IMAGINE?  Wow!!!  I think I read it and got paranoid so I stopped drinking coffee….waited a few days…nope….boobs were the same size.  Guess I don’t have the gene.  I always remember sitting at the breakfast table with my grandparents and I’d ask for a cup of coffee and they would say…”No, it will stunt your growth.”…perhaps there is some truth to that.  My question is…if it effects women’s boobs…what does it do to men?  Just tossing that question out into the void.  Ok…now that I got that out of my system.  I am having a moment of obsession.  I LOVE SWEATERS!!!  I really do!!  They comfort me.  I am ALWAYS cold, my husband insists on keeping it a chilly 72 degrees in the house…in WINTER!!!!  UGH!  I would keep it on 80 all year long!!  I freeze all the time!  So I decided that I needed sweaters!  Wouldn’t you know, I found some of THE best sweaters at this little store called Forever 21.  PS…their new logo is XXI Forever.  Anyway, they are incredible.  I bought this 3/4 sleeve chunky brown sweater that ties in the front, and this plum/eggplant long sleeve sweater to wear under it.  It’s awesome.  Then I also found this navy blue sweater that has really big buttons and ties at the bottom.  They are really comfortable but they look fabulous!  THEN…I went to Target and found this GREAT black sweater with like a bronzy/gold zipper and it zips at an angle all the way up.  It’s WAY fabulous!  So if you are looking for sweaters check out Forever 21 and Target.  Remember…BE FABULOUS!!!


Fabulous Fashion Advice: Planning a wedding is HARD WORK! July 28, 2008

SO…I had no idea planning a wedding would be this hard!!!  I knew it would be work but man…this is tough.  We already have over 900 people on the guest list!!!  Trying to have a simple, elegant ceremony with that many people…it feels like I’m trying to run a circus!  I know it will all turn out fine but I have to tell you that I’m really just ready to say “I Do”.  I’ve come to realize that while the whole fairy tail wedding thing is great…the real fairy tail part is just getting to spend the rest of your lives together!!!  I love him so much more than I thought I could or would ever love someone and just the fact of being able to wake up next to him or cook him breakfast or watch tv on the couch together…those are the thoughts that thrill me, those are the things I look most forward to…living life…together!  So…I know that isn’t fashion advice.  Here’s some for you though… Jasmine Couture….FABULOUS gowns!!  I love them!!!  I swear I’m going to look like a disco ball coming down the aisle…you know I gotta have my sparkles!!!  Hahahaha!!  No matter what kind of circus your life may be in right now…REMEMBER…BE FABULOUS!