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Fabulous Fashion Advice: The Bachelor is a mess! March 3, 2009

So…here’s my take on the whole Bachelor finale…which by the way has a part 2, what more drama could possibly ensue?  I think the whole thing is one big mess.  I don’t know if you caught this or not BUT…last night when they played back Molly leaving and telling Jason he was making a big mistake…I’m not positive but I am pretty sure that they allowed more of the conversation to be shown in the play back used last night to show Molly.  She (Molly) was telling him he had made a huge mistake and then she said “I’m afraid Melissa is going to wake up one day and decide that she doesn’t want to be married to you anymore and then you’ll be hurt again, just like last time.”   Then you see this huge expression of OMG on Jason’s face and she proceeds to leave.  So here’s my thing.  I think Jason did want to marry Melissa…and Molly, knowing the whole situation, which buttons to push and what words would cut deepest said basically…she’s going to leave you just like your ex wife did…are you sure you want that to happen because I would never do that to you.  That’s what I think made everything change.  I think she purposely said the thing she knew would hurt him the most and get him most agitated and unsure of his decision.  I am very sorry for Melissa because she was truly in love with him and you could see it when they all three were together…it just fit.  I’m sure Molly is truly in love with him too, obviously since 2 minutes after he broke off his engagement she is making out with him like nothing ever happened…Awkward!  By the way…all this happened in front of MILLIONS of viewers…not thousands.  MILLIONS!  Wow…sad times!  So I hope they all find who they are really truly in love with and I wish them all love , happiness and contentment!  Remember…BE FABULOUS!


Fabulous Fashion Advice: Manis and Pedis! June 28, 2008

SO…I’m sure a lot of you already know this but some of you might not.  Manicures and Pedicures are lifesavers, even if you do them yourself at home!  For a long time I had to wear fake nails on my hands because I chewed my fingernails SOO bad.  One day I just stopped…I went and bought Sally Hansen Hard As Nails and haven’t been the same since.  Now I don’t like to keep mine really long, but they are long enough that it doesn’t look like Hannibal has been eating on me!  On my fingernails I usually just wear the Hard As Nails and that’s it.  I like a real clean, natural look.  As far as my toenails…I usually do hot pink.  It’s so important for you to really GET how important it is to keep yourself well manicured.  Who in their right mind wants to see some girl without her toenails painted lookin all nasty in a pair of sandals?  They can be CHANEL sandals and it ain’t gonna matter…it will still look like trash!  If you can’t afford to go and have it done at a nail salon go to WalMart and get a mani and pedi kit.  There is NO EXCUSE for not having well maintained nails!!  Think about it…you’re on a hot date or better yet…you’re at your sweetheart’s house (this STILL APPLIES even if you’ve been married for 25 years!!!) and you start getting cozy on the couch and you take your shoes off and you have NASTY toenails…talk about spoiling the mood.  He ain’t gonna want your trash, nasty, stinky feet on him!!!  So save yourself the embarrassment and take care of your hands and feet.  Also, always use lotion on your elbows, arms, hands and legs right before you go out on a date…just DON’T put any on your feet because you will be slipping and sliding all over the place in you heels!  This also applies to you guys out there…now don’t do pink toenails polish of course…but keep yourself well manicured.  We girls don’t want your nasty feet rubbing on us either!!  REMEMBER…BE FABULOUS!!!


Fabulous Fashion Advice: Get some manners! June 21, 2008

SO…this post isn’t really about fashion but it is most definitely about being fabulous! I got up this morning and got to thinking about what exactly being fabulous entails. Of course I thought of the fashion aspect first but then my mind also wandered. Being Fabulous isn’t just about looking great. To truly BE fabulous you should also have tact, kindness, gentleness, compassion and good manners…scratch that…GREAT manners. You know I’ve been dating the love of my life for going on 6 months now and I ALWAYS thank him for buying my meals and whatever the entertainment of the night might be, if it’s a trip to the theater or a simple movie rental from Blockbuster. There just really are no excuses for bad manners…not if you’re going to be Fabulous! I mean lets just start with basics…if you aren’t saying please and thank you…then get to using those words. A lot of the manner thing is stuff that you would think would be common sense but I’m telling you I have met a ton of people that are clueless. You wouldn’t believe how many times I have seen women come out of the bathroom stall and go straight out the door… HELLO!!!! WASH YOUR HANDS! That’s just gross! It is certainly not something a Fabulous person would do!  Also, thanking your waiter/waitress for their service. Everytime they come to fill up my drink I always thank them. It’s just the right thing to do.  Just because they are serving you doesn’t mean they are your slave. You know the old saying “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar”…well I completely believe that…but I think that the motivation can be wrong sometimes. If you aren’t being nice (the honey part) to that person because you feel like it or because you genuinely want to, then you are just being a fake. Now I understand that there are some circumstances that you have to MAKE yourself be nice to someone…I get that…and that’s fine.  But if you find yourself more times than not, being nice to someone just to get something…you need to get a handle on it and humble yourself. I heard this story once of these two Divas that were going to be performing on the same night in the same venue…and one of them wrote in her contract that the building would have to put in new duct work and vents and air units on her side of the building because she didn’t want to breathe in the same air as the other Diva.  All I could think when I heard that story was…what a jerk!  I also heard of this male rapper who only wanted green skittles so the people had to go through all these skittle bags to pick out the green ones.  How stupid is that?   It’s ridiculous and it’s NOT anywhere close to Fabulous!   Just because you are Fabulous doesn’t mean that everyone is your slave, and it doesn’t mean that you get your way all the time.  That’s NOT what being fabulous is about.   There is a great book that Kate Spade put out a couple of years ago called MANNERS.  I think everyone should have this book.  It’s Fabulous.  It gives great advice…some of it is things you wouldn’t have even thought about before.  So just consider these things.  REMEMBER…BE FABULOUS!!!


Fabulous Fashion Advice: Got a date? June 12, 2008

So…You only have 15 min to get ready for a hot date? Here’s what you do…makeup first…under eye concealer…powder, blush, pencil or shadow eye liner…dark lip gloss, jeans, tight Tshirt, huge earrings, bangle bracelet, highest heels you have, and throw your hair up in a high “New York” pony tail. You’ll look sleek, sophisticated, but also fun and not stuffy…very sexy to a man. They want you to LOOK high maintenance…not BE high maintenance! Remember…BE FABULOUS!


Fabulous Fashion Advice: New Hair “do” New YOU! June 11, 2008

SO…let me just say that a new hair cut and style can do wonders.  I am going tonight to get my haircut by the FABULOUS Betsy Griggs Cathecart!!  Here’s how good she is…about a year ago she had just finished cutting my hair and I headed to a little coffee shop that was close to my house.  I had barely gotten in line before the cashier was hitting on me.  I’m not saying that I’m not FABULOUS enough even on a bad hair day to get hit on but there is something about the confidence a new cut or style gives you.  It’s amazing what a confidence booster it can be!  BTW…here’s a handy tip for all you single ladies out there..  Example: this guy at the coffee shop, gave me his number and asked for mine.  Tip #1 DON’T give out your number!!!!  I don’t care if he is the hottest guy you’ve ever seen…you never know, and there are far too many crazy people out there for you to just be giving your number to random strangers!  #2  Give him your email or myspace, facebook, etc.  In most cases NOT giving a guy your number will come across to him as interesting…but if you ARE interested be sure to let him know that you definitely want to hear from him…just in a different form of communication.  #3 Don’t act overtly interested…even if you want to slam him against the wall right there, overly interested can sometimes translate into desperate.  Appearing desperate=death!  Ok so I know we got a little side tracked but a part of being FABULOUS is also knowing how to protect yourself…and if you are giving your number to random strangers…that is NOT protecting yourself and it is NOT being FABULOUS!  Back to the new hair “do”!  It really is amazing what a great cut/style/color can do for you.  Don’t be afraid to take risks…just don’t go overboard.  Also…you need to find a stylist that you trust.  I can tell you right now that there isn’t anyone else in the world that I would go to and say “do whatever you want to my hair” except for Betsy!!  I trust her and trust is the MOST important thing when it comes to you and your stylist.  So…if you’re feeling crappy go get your hair done!!  New hair “do” can mean a new YOU!  Remember…BE FABULOUS!