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Fabulous Fashion Advice: I love head scarfs! January 23, 2009

I went to Forever 21 the other day and found this great bright colored paisley print headscarf for…get this…2 BUCKS!  It’s awesome!!!  The funny part about this is that about 8 months ago I was shopping with one of my best friends and I found this long yellow scarf and tried to put it on my head and look cool…which I did not succeed at…hahaha!…anyway she came and helped show me how to do it.  For those of you, like me, who may not be so enlightened…let me share.  First of all if you are going to wear your hair down fix it however you normally would.  Then take the scarf and in the middle fold it to where you only have about a 3 inch band of material.  In order to tie the scarf you’ll need to pull your hair back…not too tight, in a pony tail holder after that take the middle piece and place it on your head placing the rough folded edges toward the back and tie it in a knot under your ponytail at the nape of your neck.  Take the ponytail out and fluff the back of your hair.  Now make sure that the scarf is not at the very front of your forehead.  Leave about 2 – 3 inches of hair in front so you don’t look bald…leave it pulled back in the scarf but just barely.  So anyway…I bought it and have LOVED wearing it.  SO the other day I am out shopping with this same FABULOUS friend and I find another scarf!!  It’s SO cute so she convinced me to buy and I am so glad I did!  It’s just such a great alternative to a hair tie thingy…oh crap I can’t think of the word.  You know what I mean…the black fabric covered rubber band deal?!  Anyway…it’s so chic!  Try THIS look Nichole Ritchie pulls off.  It just feels right for spring.  My husband and I are going on a cruise in Feb to Mexico and you can rest assured my fabulous self will be wearing a head scarf!!  REMEMBER…BE FABULOUS!!!!


Fabulous Fashion Advice: I’m back! November 11, 2008

SO…I’m back!  I guess you could say I took an extended holiday.  It’s amazing how lazy I got after I got married…42 days and counting!!!  I am finally getting my butt back to work.  You know every year around this time I HAVE to watch You’ve Got Mail!!  I HAVE to…it’s not Fall until I do.  So I am sitting here typing to you and watching “You’ve Got Mail”.  In the movie Tom Hanks girlfriend, played by the fabulous Parker Posey, is this hugh strung coffee addict who couldn’t slow down if she had to.  He says “You make coffee nervous!”.  Do you know people like that?  I do.  Did you know that I read on AOL that there is a study that says in some women there is a gene that when you drink coffee…it makes your boobs smaller.  CAN YOU IMAGINE?  Wow!!!  I think I read it and got paranoid so I stopped drinking coffee….waited a few days…nope….boobs were the same size.  Guess I don’t have the gene.  I always remember sitting at the breakfast table with my grandparents and I’d ask for a cup of coffee and they would say…”No, it will stunt your growth.”…perhaps there is some truth to that.  My question is…if it effects women’s boobs…what does it do to men?  Just tossing that question out into the void.  Ok…now that I got that out of my system.  I am having a moment of obsession.  I LOVE SWEATERS!!!  I really do!!  They comfort me.  I am ALWAYS cold, my husband insists on keeping it a chilly 72 degrees in the house…in WINTER!!!!  UGH!  I would keep it on 80 all year long!!  I freeze all the time!  So I decided that I needed sweaters!  Wouldn’t you know, I found some of THE best sweaters at this little store called Forever 21.  PS…their new logo is XXI Forever.  Anyway, they are incredible.  I bought this 3/4 sleeve chunky brown sweater that ties in the front, and this plum/eggplant long sleeve sweater to wear under it.  It’s awesome.  Then I also found this navy blue sweater that has really big buttons and ties at the bottom.  They are really comfortable but they look fabulous!  THEN…I went to Target and found this GREAT black sweater with like a bronzy/gold zipper and it zips at an angle all the way up.  It’s WAY fabulous!  So if you are looking for sweaters check out Forever 21 and Target.  Remember…BE FABULOUS!!!


Fabulous Fashion Advice: Get a BAG! June 19, 2008

So…Bags…you HAVE to have a collection of GREAT bags. Personally I prefer big bags. Here’s a sampling of the labels in my closet, Juicy Couture, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, D&G, Chloe’, and Guess just to name a few. Buy a statement bag, something everyone will want but will say that only you could pull off. Every bag I own has the potential to “make” an outfit…meaning that if all I had on were jeans and a cute white t shirt that I could throw that bag over my shoulder and still look like a celebrity. The smallest bag I have is a Louis Vuitton Murakami bag…I NEVER use it, I can’t fit all the junk that I have to have to stay fabulous on the go in there. But it is really cute. Now don’t mistake a FABULOUS bag with an “IT” bag. I’m not about “It” bags…you can’t trust them. I don’t want to spend 3K on a bag that in 6 month is going to be “so last season”! Not gonna do it. Now I will spend 3K on a bag that is FABULOUS and timeless but not on an “It” bag. The thing to remember about buying a great bag is how do you feel when you wear it and can you hold everything you need to in it? There is no point in having a Fabulous bag if you look like and idiot trying to cram everything you have it…and it still spills out. Instead find a bigger FABULOUS bag and go with it. Don’t be afraid…you can rock a big bag! REMEMBER…BE FABULOUS!


Fabulous Fashion Advice: Are Staple Pieces REALLY that important? June 13, 2008

So…I know a lot of people believe that you need to have those “staple” pieces in your wardrobe, I agree with that to an extent.  Every woman needs a great pair of black pants, a black blazer, a great pump and a great boot, a little black dress, and a great bag.  If someone came into my closet and looked at everything I own, they aren’t going to find a lot of staple pieces.  I tend to buy outrageous things that very few people would dare to wear.  I would rather buy a fully Swarovski crystal studded tank than an Oscar De La Renta black blazer any day.  Here’s a sampling of the staple pieces I have in my wardrobe.  I have a great pair of Narciso Rodriguez black boots, Stuart Weitzman black pumps (I also have them in red patent leather…think “The Devil Wears Prada DVD cover!), a Guess Mariciano black blazer and skirt, and a timeless Louis Vuitton barrel bag.  You also need a GREAT pair of jeans!!  Which will be my next post…What to do about Jeans?!  Remember…BE FABULOUS!!!


Fabulous Fashion Advice: Got a date? June 12, 2008

So…You only have 15 min to get ready for a hot date? Here’s what you do…makeup first…under eye concealer…powder, blush, pencil or shadow eye liner…dark lip gloss, jeans, tight Tshirt, huge earrings, bangle bracelet, highest heels you have, and throw your hair up in a high “New York” pony tail. You’ll look sleek, sophisticated, but also fun and not stuffy…very sexy to a man. They want you to LOOK high maintenance…not BE high maintenance! Remember…BE FABULOUS!


Fabulous Fashion Advice June 7, 2008

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So…this will be the first of many Fabulous Fashion Advice (FFA) posts.  I am working on a book currently titled “Everything You Need to Know About Being ULTRA FABULOUS”.  I will now share my infinite wisdom with you!!  Hahaha!!  Ok here goes.  

First of all you should know that I am extremely RANDOM, so no telling where we will end up when this post is finished.  So before we go any further here are some things you need to know.  VOGUE and Harper’s Bazaar…subscribe…TODAY…right now!  I’m not saying other magazines aren’t just as good but I will tell you that anything that says “10 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life” on the cover is NOT going to give you FFA.  Something else you should know…there are SOME “fashion rules” that you can say “screw you” to.  But beware…the fashion world can and WILL say “NO, screw YOU!”

Now for the good stuff!  Let’s talk feathers.  Ok, I LOVE feathers but you have to be careful.  Unless you want to look like a chicken or a peacock…unless it’s for an ultra FABULOUS high fashion photo shoot.  I’m guilty, I went overboard once…OK, so I’ve gone overboard a lot…but only ONCE on a feather jacket.  The best advice I can give you is if you have the extra money, buy it, make yourself feel great, then hang it in your closet and forget about it.  If you DON’T have the money it’s best to hang it back up and look for something else.  You can NEVER go wrong with sparkles!


OK…that’s all for now.  More to come later!  

Remember…Be FABULOUS!