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Fabulous Fashion Advice: Shoes! June 27, 2008

SO…Let’s talk shoes.  Everyone knows women LOVE shoes.  I have an addiction to anything that’s sky high, I’m talking Dolly Parton heels.  I wouldn’t give $50 for a pair of Coach sneakers, but I have been known to spend well over $1200 for one pair of Fabulous Louis Vuitton swarovski crystal detailed evening sandals.  Here’s how over the top I am, Saks Fifth Avenue, only one of the BEST high end department stores ever…second only to the one and only Bergdorf Goodman, they were having a huge sale on shoes.  Generally speaking I can NEVER find anything on a sale rack.  I’m just not a bargain shopper, without even knowing it my eye will go straight to the MOST expensive thing on the rack or shelf.  Well this particular day I found the MOST AMAZING shoes ever created.  The are Chanel champagne high heeled sandals with the biggest faux diamond you have ever seen on a shoe…it’s amazing.  I wore them to an event that I had to perform in front of 20,000 people in a huge arena and I had people coming up to me asking me if I had a flashlight on my foot because of the light that had reflected from the diamond.  They were 40% off…I got them for $900.  Talk about a deal!!!  They are so extreme and beyond fabulous.  It wasn’t a month later and I saw Star Jones, former View co-host, with them on in black.  That’s how you know you’ve got style.  If you can buy an item and the next month or week or day you see it on a celebrity or in a magazine.  This has happened to me on more than one occasion.  I bought a brown wool 40’s inspired outfit at Ralph Lauren and the very next month it was a featured piece in Vogue.  I was watching the Miss America pageant a couple of years ago and the next thing I knew out walked Miss California in a skirt I had JUST bought the week before.  I could go on and on and on.   Back on to shoes…I will spend a fortune on great shoes…I’m not talking payless (not that there is anything wrong with payless), I’m talking Chanel, Stuart Weitzman, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Betsey Johnson, who by the way has the HIGHEST heels on the market (without looking like a stripper).  However, when it comes to casual shoes for everyday…$2 China Town slippers.  I am so not kidding.  They are lifesavers.  They are so cheap you can buy 30 pairs at a time and throw them away when you’re done.  Comfortable isn’t even in it, they are wonderful.  If I’m not wearing heels you can bet I’ve got on my china town shoes.  Whether you’re in Diamond encrusted Chanel heels or China Town slippers…REMEMBER…BE FABULOUS!!!


Fabulous Fashion Advice: What is that smell? June 24, 2008

So…let’s talk perfume. I LOVE perfume. All different kinds…I love it all! What’s important to remember about perfume is that while you do want to smell good…you don’t want to smell overwhelming. My uncle would put so much on that you could smell him before you saw him! That’s not a good thing. I usually put a spritz behind both ears…on my neck, on my wrists, (if I’m wearing a shorter dress) in the bend of my knee, and on my clothes. Now I know there are people out there that will say not to put it on your clothes…but I have to tell you that I do it all the time. It really does help to keep the fragrance alive…everytime you move that smell is jumbled up and will release a new little puff I guess you could say. Anyway, I do it and I love it! Right now I’m wearing Deseo by J. Lo, Ed Hardy, and Fabulosity by the FABULOUS Kimora Lee Simmons! I tend to mix perfumes together. I find that it creates a unique scent and is often better than one product alone. Just don’t go overboard. My favorite and the kind I bring out for special occasions only is Clive Christian. His products range from $100-10,000 a bottle. No one can touch this fragrance…it’s the epitome of Fabulous! I have the 1872 product and LOVE it! I also like Envy Me by Gucci, Rose by Bulgari, Chance by Chanel, I could go on and on. I love it! A lot of people say you should have a signature scent…one that you wear all the time…can you say BORING!!! I can’t do that. I’ll wear a fragrance for 2-3 months and then I HAVE to change it up. Be unexpected! But above all…REMEMBER…BE FABULOUS!!!


Fabulous Fashion Advice: Get a BAG! June 19, 2008

So…Bags…you HAVE to have a collection of GREAT bags. Personally I prefer big bags. Here’s a sampling of the labels in my closet, Juicy Couture, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, D&G, Chloe’, and Guess just to name a few. Buy a statement bag, something everyone will want but will say that only you could pull off. Every bag I own has the potential to “make” an outfit…meaning that if all I had on were jeans and a cute white t shirt that I could throw that bag over my shoulder and still look like a celebrity. The smallest bag I have is a Louis Vuitton Murakami bag…I NEVER use it, I can’t fit all the junk that I have to have to stay fabulous on the go in there. But it is really cute. Now don’t mistake a FABULOUS bag with an “IT” bag. I’m not about “It” bags…you can’t trust them. I don’t want to spend 3K on a bag that in 6 month is going to be “so last season”! Not gonna do it. Now I will spend 3K on a bag that is FABULOUS and timeless but not on an “It” bag. The thing to remember about buying a great bag is how do you feel when you wear it and can you hold everything you need to in it? There is no point in having a Fabulous bag if you look like and idiot trying to cram everything you have it…and it still spills out. Instead find a bigger FABULOUS bag and go with it. Don’t be afraid…you can rock a big bag! REMEMBER…BE FABULOUS!


Fabulous Fashion Advice: Sunglasses! June 18, 2008

SO…I had a really hard time this morning choosing what I wanted to talk about. I have so many Fabulous subjects that sometimes it’s hard to choose which one would be the best for the day. Well, I looked outside and it is a beautiful day, the sun is shining, it’s gorgeous! I am planning a day outside…taking in the Zoo with one of my friends. The one thing I absolutely will NOT leave the house without will be my….SUNGLASSES! Ok…I’m going to tell you right now that I have a weakness for sunglasses. I LOVE them!! You can NEVER have too many fabulous sunglasses. Yes…I’m that person you see walking into a place in the middle of the night with sunglasses on. Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!! The deal is to buy sunglasses that can be used in the daytime and some to wear at night. I have an incredible pair of Fendi‘s that are very very light which I wear out at night. I love HUGE sunglasses too. Think, Brett Somers Match Game 73′. The bigger the better! I have a great pair of Francis Kline, that are tortoise shell bug eye glasses…and they are wonderful! I’ve also bought a few Chanel, Dior and Versace, all of which are great! NEVER go out without sunglasses on…even if it’s rainy…ok…maybe you shouldn’t wear them when it rains…but you should at least bring them, you never know when the clouds will break! REMEMBER….BE FABULOUS!