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Fabulous Fashion Advice: Kelly Ripa December 8, 2008

So I’m sitting here watching Live with Regis and Kelly and I can’t get over how great Kelly Ripa always looks!  I mean I know that the whole TV show crew (hair, makeup, wardrobe, etc…) has a lot to do with that but man…they are doing a great job.  She always looks fresh and classy and modern.  I’ve heard that she and Regis have to get up at like 4AM to be in the studio to start the show at 6AM…can you imagine?  I mean wow!  I don’t know how she does it…well, if I was getting as much money as she is I could probably do it too!  Anyway, I think she is just fabulous!  I’ve seen those pics of her without her makeup on…give the girl a break…have you looked at yourself in the mirror without your makeup on??!!  Yeah…none of us want our picture taken without our face on!  Let’s do ourselves a favor and take notes from her.  Like today she has on this army green short sleeve blouse that has ruffles on the sleeves and around the square I can’t tell for sure but it looks like it’s a long shirt, maybe a tunic, and she has on a tan belt with it.  From what I can see it looks great.  You can do this very easily and not spend a fortune.  Here’s option one or option two.  Now Kelly just stood up and it’s a dress that she’s wearing with dark black stockings and black heels.  You can do that OR you could wear that same dress and belt over jeans.  It’s a great look!  SO…REMEMBER…BE FABULOUS!!


Fabulous Fashion Advice: Football Fashion: An Oxymoron? December 7, 2008

SO…I have been out of town since Thursday and I know you have all been completely devastated without my words of wisdom and advice!  HA!  Ok…let me get my big head under control!  I really don’t have much to say this time…just wanted to let ya’ll know I was still alive!  I’ll have more blog fodder tomorrow morning.  You know…it’s amazing how much inspiration you can get from watching shows like The View or Regis and Kelly!  I always get something good to talk about from those shows.  My husband and I are sitting here getting ready to watch the Tennessee Titans play.  Here’s a bit of fashion advice for you…I flew home at 6am from MS, had a connection in Atlanta and this lady got on our plane that had on this HUGE puffy Cleveland Browns coat.  She was flying into Nashville for the game today.  I couldn’t get over how ugly the coat was!!  I mean…I’m all about showing team spirit but PLEASE do it fashionably!!  PLEASE!  I know you’re saying…but how??  Let me enlighten you…click HEREAlyssa Milano, of Who’s The Boss fame, has designed a line of NFL gear called Touch that is AWESOME!!  I’m not a huge football fan but I would totally wear the stuff she has designed!  It’s fabulous!  SO…if you are looking to be more fashionably in your team spirit check it out!!  REMEMBER…BE FABULOUS!!!


Fabulous Fashion Advice: The View, The Obamas, The Today Show and Beyonce November 26, 2008

I’m sitting here watching The View and Barbara is talking about her interview with The Obamas.  First of all…Barbara Walters…what a classy lady.  She is just beautiful…class all the way.  So they show a clip, a rather long clip, of her intereview with The Obamas and I find myself being charmed by this couple.  Let’s leave the politics out of it…they, as PEOPLE are quite charming.  Michelle, like I’ve said before, always looks put together and has such an aura of class and grace but in a new modern way.  I’m actually looking forward to the interview tonight…more so the part where they are together as a couple as opposed to just him and his politics.  Anyway, enough of that…just thought I’d mention the interview…I think it will be interesting to watch.  Now, The Today Show…Beyonce was performing and to be quite honest after her appearance at the AMA’s I wasn’t expecting much.  It was not that great…it was ok…not great.  I just don’t get the whole Sasha Fierce thing, her alter ego.  AT LEAST…AT LEAST…she didn’t wear that stupid metal hand thing.  Ok I know I’ve alreayd talked about that…so on to her performance today.  It was really good…her outfit I can’t decide if I liked it or not.  She wore this black spandex looking bodysuit that had some kind of belt or pin at the waist with black boots.  Part of me liked it and the other part of me wasn’t sure.  I have to keep in mind that I’m sure it was butt freezing cold out there so she has to dress warm and what could be warmer than a full body suit?  My recommendation…leave the body suits to Beyonce and just go with some nice black leggins.  Very classy under a long chunky sweater with a great belt and big jewelry.  I LOVE that look…in fact…I think that’s what I’m going to wear today!  You can’t go wrong with that look.  Here’s a funny tid bit for you…this shows you how much I think about shopping.  I was watching Beyonce performing, keep in mind she is only about 1 1/2 blocks from THE Saks Fifth Ave store ON 5th AVE!…I found myself wondering if when she got done performing if she would stop by there or Bergdorf Goodman and do some shopping!!!  Hahahaha!!  This is a great story…I have to tell you….My family and I were in NYC for vacation a couple of years ago and Chrisitan Dior was having a trunk show at Bergdorf Goodman and I found THE MOST FABULOUS suit…it was GORGEOUS!!  So I tried it on and put my name on the list to have them get it for me and as I was looking on the order sheet I saw “Beyonce” next to the suit I wanted!!  So we finish the fitting and walk around to the shoes and THERE SHE IS!!!  BEYONCE has JUST TRIED ON THE SAME OUT FIT I HAD!!!!  It was SOOO awesome!  So that’s one of my claim to fame…I have worn the same fabulous dress as Beyonce!  It was soo funny!  Ok so anyway just be smart with the fashion choices you make, don’t be afraid to take risks, and make it fun and fabulous!  REMEMBER…BE FABULOUS!!!!