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Fabulous Fashion Advice: What’s hot this season January 6, 2009

SO…what’s hot this season?  Let me tell you!  First of all let’s talk cosmetics!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE eyeshadow!!!  A couple of years ago I was invited to attend the Stuart Weitzman Pre-Oscar party he throws every year.  While on my trip my publicist hooked me up and I got to do the whole swag suite thing in the Beverly Hilton.

Brittany ad Stuart Weitzman Doing the Press thing

Let me just tell you that I had THE TIME OF MY LIFE!  I recieved SO much stuff it was awesome!  One of the suites was occupied by Maria Magdalena, a cosmetic designer.  She is FABULOUS!  All of her cosmetics are made out of gem stones.  For example I got a couple of eyeshadows that were made of crushed rubies, diamonds, rose quartz, jade, etc…  They are FABULOUS!  She also designs foundation powder and line of skin care.  You simply MUST go check it out!!!  I promise you won’t be dissapointed!  REMEMBER…BE FABULOUS!


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