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Fabulous Fashion Advice: It’s a NEW YEAR! January 2, 2009

So…It’s 2009!!  How exciting is that?  This is going to be a GREAT year!  I just know it will be!  I’m a firm believer in if you keep saying something…eventually it will come true.  SO…if we keep a positive attitude and say that this is going to be a great year…then it will!   I HATE new years resolutions…they never seem to work out for ANYONE.  On New Years Day my husband got up and made me the most fantastic breakfast and we were talking about resolutions.  He asked me, “So what are your new years resolutions?”…to which I replied, ” I don’t do resolutions because they generally don’t work out.”.  I think I kind of stunned him.  He proceeded to tell me that I should try it and see what happens…who knows I might surprise myself.  He went on to tell me all of his resolutions for the upcoming year, reading more, walking on a tread mill, etc…  So I started thinking…IF I was going to make my new years resolution list what would be on it.  Of course the first thing that came to my mind is the exact same thing that came to every other woman’s mind…lose weight.  Well, I have about 6 lbs I need to lose.  So that’s not too bad, but I put it on my list just the same.  Then I decided maybe I should look a little deeper.  As I sat there I began to think of things I SHOULD be doing but on a daily basis get so busy doing other things that I forget.  So here’s my New Years Resolution list in no particular order…

1. lose 6lbs
2. try to be more kind
3. see the good in everyone…even when it’s almost impossible
4. make my friends more of a priority
5. grow in my cooking abilities
6. have friends over more often
7. be consciously aware of how blessed I am everyday
8. save money
9. pay off CC bills!!  UGH!
10. show my husband everyday how much I cherish him

That’s a short version but you get the drift.  I think it’s important for us to look not only on our outward appearance but to also look at our inner person and see what we can do to work on him/her.  You know it’s so important that we don’t neglect ourselves.  There are times that I get so involved in doing things for other people…like my husband for example…I get so tied up in taking care of him.  Making sure he knows how much I value him, doing the laundry (which stack like a mountain on my couch..but it’s CLEAN!), taking care of the house…but also not forgetting that I have to have ME time and I have to take care of my own person.  Does that make sense?  So I guess what I’m saying is for my new years resolution I want to be more conscious of my treatment of others while not forgetting to treat myself like the FABULOUS woman I am!  What are some of your new years resolutions?  REMEMBER…BE FABULOUS!!!


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