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Fabulous Fashion Advice: Kiss my Math! December 17, 2008

So, I was watching the Today Show this morning and an actress from one of my very favorite shows was one.  Any of ya’ll remember The Wonder Years?  Well, Winnie, the girl Kevin was in love with…her real name is Danica McKellar and she has a new book out.  Turns out she really is quite a brain just like in the show!  Her new book is called “Kiss My Math” and it relates math to young girls around 13 in a way that makes sense to them.  She uses examples like boys, and shopping to get her point across.  I think this would be a GREAT book to get a young girl in your life for Christmas.  She said something that really struck home with me.  She said, you see all the billboards with the beautiful woman and it says to our young ladies that all you have to be in life is beautiful.  She went on to say that that’s all fine and good to be beautiful but you have to have more than that in life.  You have to be smart.  She said, “Being Fabulous is great…but you also need to be smart.”.  In my opinion being Fabulous isn’t just about the outward appearance.  Being fabulous means being book smart, having common sense, being beautiful (inside and out), having a good attitude and being humble.  So I think she is totally right.  Go get the book…I think I’m going to!!  And I’m not even 13!  Hahaha!!  I just remember in school I absolutely HATED math.  I didn’t understand why letters would give you and answer to a problem involving NUMBERS!!  I still don’t and I still HATE math BUT I think with this book I might could really change my thinking.  So that’s my advice…go get the book “Kiss My Math” by Danica McKellar and REMEMBER…BE FABULOUS!!!


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