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Fabulous Fashion Advice: Will Smith, Seven Pounds and Fashion advice for GUYS! December 11, 2008

Hey all you Guys out there!!  I know I usually give advice to all my ladies out there BUT today Will Smith has inspired me.  Obviously he has a new movie out called “Seven Pounds” which NO ONE can figure out what it’s about.  I am determined to go see it though.  Do you notice that Will Smith (other than the Fresh Prince years) ALWAYS looks great?  I mean seriously.  Check out these examples…ABC..  Whether he is wearing a suit or just a t-shirt he always looks nice.  So here’s my word of advice to you men out there…take notes from Will.  For a more dressy night (perhaps a date) pair a nice white dress shirt with jeans and a military style or velvet jacket, great shoes and a great belt.  For lunch with the guys go with a nice Affliction t shirt and jeans with a great belt, we know you aren’t there to impress your guy friends BUT what if you met someone…it’s always good to look nice at all times…you never know who you’ll run into!  For an easy Saturday or an after the game outing try a thermal shirt under a snap button collared shirt with both sleeves rolled up, great jeans and a great belt.  Now, you do NOT have to go spend a fortune on jeans.  Go to Aeropostale and get some of their jeans.  They are great and you can ususally catch them on sale for around $25 bucks!  The best place for belts is The Buckle (appropriate right?!).  As far as shoes go…I LOVE Steve Madden and Robert Wayne.  What you need is a pair of black shoes and brown shoes.  Now, if you get the right style you’ll be able to wear them with ANYTHING.  This is very important…#1 do NOT wear black shoes with brown pants, #2 do NOT wear black shoes and a brown belt OR Brown shoes with a black belt!!!  PLEASE don’t do this…please please please!!!  So I think that’s pretty good synopsis of men’s fashion.  I hope you can walk away with some great ides!  Even though you may be a guy…REMEMBER…BE FABULOUS!


One Response to “Fabulous Fashion Advice: Will Smith, Seven Pounds and Fashion advice for GUYS!”

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