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Fabulous Fashion Advice: The Tonight Show and Jay Leno December 11, 2008

So I’m watching the Today show and they are interviewing Jay LenoNBC has announced that they will be moving the tonight show…I mean…creating a “new” show for Jay that will air EVERY weekday night at 10PM.  Now…call me crazy but doesn’t it seem to everyone that they are just moving the Tonight Show to 10PM?  Let’s get real, Conan O’Brien??  I mean I know that he has a pretty decent following but there is NO WAY that he is going to “replace” Jay Leno.  So here’s my theory…I think they have done research and figured out that the whole switcheroo isn’t going to work.  So they are doing whatever they can to save face…thus we have the NEW Tonight Show with Jay Leno at 10PM.  I’m just saying!  I know none of that has anything to do with fashion BUT…I deem it fabulous and so I talk about it!  And I really do think that Jay moving to 10PM IS fabulous because now my husband and I can go to bed earlier!!!  Well…now that I have rattled on about that I guess I should give ya’ll a bit of fashion advice huh?!  Hahaha!!  Ok here it is…and by the way…this is ONE of the things I want for Christmas.  I want a pair of Ugg boots…ok I know you are thinking…”she is WAY behind the times.  Ugss were popular two+ years ago.”.  You’re right that is true BUT I don’t want the normal ones you see EVERYONE wearing.  I want their more fashionable line that you don’t see out that often.  This is the one I want…click HERE.  I think those would be just SO FABULOUS over some really cute jeans and a great chunky sweater.  So that’s my piece of advice…get some super fabulous…UNIQUE Uggs!  REMEMBER…BE FABULOUS!!!


One Response to “Fabulous Fashion Advice: The Tonight Show and Jay Leno”

  1. janine Says:

    I hope you’ll get your christmas wish soon.

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