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Fabulous Fashion Advice: Kelly Ripa December 8, 2008

So I’m sitting here watching Live with Regis and Kelly and I can’t get over how great Kelly Ripa always looks!  I mean I know that the whole TV show crew (hair, makeup, wardrobe, etc…) has a lot to do with that but man…they are doing a great job.  She always looks fresh and classy and modern.  I’ve heard that she and Regis have to get up at like 4AM to be in the studio to start the show at 6AM…can you imagine?  I mean wow!  I don’t know how she does it…well, if I was getting as much money as she is I could probably do it too!  Anyway, I think she is just fabulous!  I’ve seen those pics of her without her makeup on…give the girl a break…have you looked at yourself in the mirror without your makeup on??!!  Yeah…none of us want our picture taken without our face on!  Let’s do ourselves a favor and take notes from her.  Like today she has on this army green short sleeve blouse that has ruffles on the sleeves and around the square I can’t tell for sure but it looks like it’s a long shirt, maybe a tunic, and she has on a tan belt with it.  From what I can see it looks great.  You can do this very easily and not spend a fortune.  Here’s option one or option two.  Now Kelly just stood up and it’s a dress that she’s wearing with dark black stockings and black heels.  You can do that OR you could wear that same dress and belt over jeans.  It’s a great look!  SO…REMEMBER…BE FABULOUS!!


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