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Fabulous Fashion Advice: New Vintage Clothing Line and Jeff Goldblum December 3, 2008

So I’ve found this new clothing line that is in the process of launching.  They are on Myspace and it’s called Retrospect Clothing.  From what I can gather they are reworking old vintage stuff and turning them into one of a kind couture pieces.  Looks really interesting!  They also have a blog HERE on wordpress.  Check it all out.  Now on to the topic of the day.  I am sitting here watching The View and they had Jeff Goldblum on promoting his new movie “Adam Resurrected”.  It looks really really interesting!!  I just caught a little bit about it but I think it’s about Israeli consentration camps in the 60s and he ends up in a mental institute.  Anyway…it sounds great.  Now on to the negative…he had on what LOOKED like a black suit…which isn’t bad…BUT he had on GREY shoes…they were HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE.  They looked like grey Uggs!  Ugh!  I like Uggs…but not grey on men!  BUT…Martina McBride who was on right after him had on some of THE most FABULOUS shoes!!!!  I can’t tell exactly what they are but they sparkle ALL over!!  My advice to you…DON’T go buy grey Uggs, DO go buy some sparkly shoes!!  REMEMBER…BE FABULOUS!


One Response to “Fabulous Fashion Advice: New Vintage Clothing Line and Jeff Goldblum”

  1. Thanks for writing about this clothing line. Clothing from the 70’s and 80’s would seem to make a comeback. This may be ideal for retro-styled clothing lines such as this. Good read.

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