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Fabulous Fashion Advice: Cadillac Records! December 2, 2008

So there is a new movie coming out called Cadillac Records.  I think it’s going to be GREAT!  Adrian Brody and Beyonce star in the film directed by Darnell Martin.  It really looks fabulous.  It’s all about the rise of Chess Records in the 50s.  The part that I’m excited about is Beyonce playing Etta James!  If you go to the movie’s website it will play portions of the films tracks.  I think the soundtrack is gonna rock!  It’s amazing how much they made Beyonce look like Etta.  It’s incredible.  I think in the next season we are going to see a lot of variations on the fashion in this movie show up on the runway.  It’s going to be exciting!!!  So be ahead of the curve and find as many pics of the costumes and try your own variation on it.  REMEMBER…BE FABULOUS!!!


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