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Fabulous Fashion Advice: American Music Awards November 24, 2008

Well I’m glad they were giving out awards for music and not fashion that’s for sure!  First off let me start by saying that by FAR the best performance of the night was Sarah McLachlan and Pink.  WOW!  I mean just pure voices and piano.  Proving that true talent lies in the ability to sit at a piano and just SING.  Amazing! for the bad.  Miley Cyrus…are you freaking kidding me.  The CHILD is 16 and was prancing around on stage like either A. a stripper, B. a person having a seizure, C. a complete idiot, or D. All of the Above.  I’m going with D.  I mean WOW….what a crummy performance.  The song and all that is interesting…I totally got where she was coming from and the whole car with the paparazzi was great but then the camera turns to her and you just have to say to yourself…I thought she was just 16.  Why is it that CHILDREN these days think it’s ok to act like adults?  The better question I guess would be what kind of IDIOT PARENTS, MANAGERS, AGENT says you know what…let’s put her on stage and have her dance like a stripper?!  Please don’t get me wrong…she is very talented and has a great voice.  Why does she have to spaz out on stage like that.  ARG!  One thing about it though…her outfir was very cute.  Ok…now for Rhianna…what a disaster!  I mean both her performance outfit and her acceptance speech outfit were hideous.  Her dress was like GAG! and then her performance “thing” whatever that was…  I mean was she blind when wardrobe came to her?!  I’m surprised she didn’t gash someone’s eye out with that steel corset get up.  Too terrible for words!  Now I know some of you are going to think I’m nuts but I LOVED Alicia Keys dress and whatever that was on her head.  LOVED it!!  Love the sparkles!  I know it’s a little out there BUT…it’s an awards show and she’s amazing!  I have NO CLUE what’s going on with Beyonce but I’m telling you that it’s a recipe for disaster.  What is with that whole metal thing on her finger and hand?  Stupid.  Kanye West looked like Lamar Burton on Star Trek with those stupid glasses…dork!  I dig the Jonas Bros thing…like the suits, very nice.  Pussycat Dolls AKA Slut Central.  Wow.. I mean come on…if I want to see a strip show I’ll go to a strip club.  I asked my husband to change the channel…it was tacky and there is no excuse for that.  It’s not artisty, it’s not creative and it’s not impressive.  Taylor Swift…very impressive.  I think that’s the best performance I’ve seen her do live.  She looked great and sounded great…take notes Miley!  SO…I really don’t have anything else to say about it…overall…not that impressive.  Special thanks to Sarah and Pink for making it worth the watching.  These are just my observations but I think I’m spot on here.  Please take notes from these people…you can learn a lot more about what NOT to do than what TO do.  Remember…BE FABULOUS!


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