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Fabulous Fashion Advice: Premier Jewelry Party!!! November 22, 2008

First of all let me just tell you how fabulous my husband is…I am sitting at our island in the kitchen and he is cooking the MOST AWESOME breakfast!!  I just love him so much!!  Ok…now on to business.  I have made such a fabulous discovery that you aren’t even going to be able to handle it!!!  My mom and dad have started selling “Premier Jewelry“.  It’s sort of like tupperware but it’s really really nice jewelry.  So last night I had my very first Premier Jewelry Party here at our house.  It was so great!!!  I went to the little gourmet cupcake store downtown Franklin and then stopped by the gourmet chocolate place just a block further and picked up the most fantastic little mini cupcakes and chocolates!!  IT was great…so I had my little tired platter with all my little desserts and coffee and it was great!  I had about 10 people for the party and it was awesome!!!  There’s FINE jewelry (diamonds rubies emeralds Oh my!), then there’s costume jewelry (plastic type) and then there’s High Fashion Jewelry (which is like Monet or the nice jewelry you’d find at Macys etc…).  Well Premier is the High Fashion jewelry.  It’s absolutely beautiful.  For hosting the party you get $25 for having 10 people or more, $25 for having $100 in advanced orders, $25 for having 3 people book shows off of yours, $25 for holding your party on the original date THEN…you get 30% of the total sales from your show in FREE JEWELRY!!!  SO last night I got $75 for the having it on the same date, 10 people and $100 in advanced orders and on top of that I got 50% of my show in FREE jewelry because in Dec they are doing a promotion that is your show is over $500 you get the 50%.  So I am going to have a TON of free REALLY nice jewelry.  I would recommend that EVERYONE book a Premier show!  It’s FABULOUS!!  I can’t tell you how wonderful the jewelry is.  IT’s SOOO NICE AND FABULOUS!!  So if you are interested in booking a show call The Galloways at 615-776-3890 and tell them you heard about Premier from Brittany’s blog and want more info.  You really should do it…especially around this time of year when you can get so many GREAT Christmas gifts.  AND…they will travel ANYWHERE to do a show!!  They’ve booked shows in AL, PA, KY, NC, SC…just everywhere!  So be fabulous and book a show!!!  REMEMBER…BE FABULOUS!!!!!!


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