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Fabulous Fashion Advice: CMA’s and other oddities November 14, 2008

First of all let me explain the “oddities” part of my post…I am sitting on the couch watching football with my husband who also happens to be deep sea fishing on his IPhone.  He keeps using every bit of his might to throw his “fishing line” way out into the water but looks like he is trying to throw his phone at the TV.  HAlarious!  Anyway, we were watching the CMA (Country Music Association) Award show last night and I thought everyone looked pretty great with one very obvious exception…Martina McBride during her performance.  She was wearing some kind of hideous leatherish pants with boots that looked like they came out of Gene Simmons closet and some awful black top.  She looked like she was TRYING to look as if she were 23…well…she’s NOT!  The pants were NOT flattering AT all…her butt looked as flat as a pancake.  So here’s my FFA for the day…dress your age.  I mean look at Nicole Kidman.  She looked FANTASTIC…and that was just recently POST BABY!!  Are you kidding??  She’s looked amazing!  I think that it’s important to age gracefully and that does not include wearing…when you are over 45…leather pants.  I mean get real!  I just think it would be nice for everyone to remember when you go shopping that it’s ok to be stylish and push the envelope but if you THINK it might be pushing it too much…chances are it is.  It never hurts to ask not only the sales person but all some of the other shoppers.  I know this is going to sound odd but if you can find a man ask him.  Just make sure A. that his wife/girlfriend (if he has one) doens’t mind and B. that you don’t come across as hitting on him.  I promise you though, you can’t beat a man’s opinion!  Just keep your age in mind and I think a good rule to remember is to ask yourself “Would Jackie O, Marilyn Monroe, Coco Chanel or Princess Dianna wear this?”.  If the answer is no, put it back on the rack.  Seriously!  REMEMBER…BE FABULOUS!!!


One Response to “Fabulous Fashion Advice: CMA’s and other oddities”

  1. Stacy DeLima Says:

    Girl, your review was spot on! I LOVE the word “hideous” LOL!!!

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