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Fabulous Fashion Advice: Waxing! July 1, 2008

So…waxing!  Here’s the deal, plain and simple…you can’t be fabulous and have a unibrow!  It’s just a fact.  Look at yourself in the mirror…like right now…if you can’t tell where one eyebrow begins and the other one ends….you have a unibrow and you have officially become UNFABULOUS!!!  Guys this is DEFINITELY for you too!!!  A unibrow on a guy is like in the Top 5 turn offs for a girl.  Girls…you should know better…you should already know that you can’t have a unibrow and be fabulous but I know that there are some of you out there still a little clueless on this whole Fabulous thing!  It’s ok…I’m here to your rescue!!  If it’s your first time with the whole waxing thing DO NOT DO IT YOURSELF!!!!!  Ok…go to your local beauty shop and have your beautician do it for you…I’m sure they’ve been dying to anyway!  Now, some of you girls have a little bit of facial…now, I’m not talking a beard, I just mean a few little fine hairs on your face.  This is normal, a lot of people have it and most don’t even realize it.  It’s ok…don’t fear and don’t wax, well you can wax if you want but I would think it would really hurt.  I know that Sally Hansen has a line of topical creams (and waxes) out there just for this problem and if you go to walmart and check out the shaving section, it’s probably there…along with a bikini waxing system!!  So…don’t be nervous, lots of women have this problem but luckily it can be fixed.  Be sure to read the directions carefully!  There you have it…no unibrows and no little facial hairs for you girls!!!  Keep yourself well manicured and well maintained!!  REMEMBER…BE FABULOUS!!!


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