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Fabulous Fashion Advice: Diamonds are a girls best friend! June 26, 2008

SO…Diamonds…what can be said about a girls best friend.  Gotta have the ice.  The most fabulous thing I have EVER seen in my entire life was a diamond encrusted Mercedes Benz.  Now THAT is “FABULOUS”!  Seriously though, if you don’t have the change to pay for the bling don’t buy fakes.  Instead opt for a more unique piece.  There are plenty of really hot items that are inexpensive and can make a statement.  Being fabulous doesn’t mean you’re dripping with diamonds, it does however mean that you wear “statement pieces”.  Meaning something no one else has, or has seen.  I have a couple of HUGE costume jewelry rings, one is Betsy Johnson (LOVE HER) the other was some random piece I bought in China Town, NYC…best 5 bucks I’ve ever spent.  You wouldn’t believe the compliments I receive.  People love outrageousness…why?, because it’s what they secretly wish they had the guts to be.  Why do you think people love celebrities?  They live and do outrageous things that “normal” people wish they could do.  But you don’t have to be a celebrity for people to want to be like you.  Be outrageous…in a fabulous way…always with class and elegance, think Melania Trump (Donald’s new wife).  Another place that sells really great jewelry is Love 21 a branch of Forever 21.  So great!  So REMEMBER…BE FABULOUS!!!!


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