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Fabulous Fashion Advice: JCPENNY Sex ad! June 25, 2008

SO…Normally I don’t post twice in one day but I just saw the new ad for JCPenny.  I RARELY shop there…it’s probably been at least 10 years since I’ve bought anything from them, but you can rest assured that I will DEFINITELY NOT be shopping there ANYTIME in the future.  I just saw their new ad.  Ok…I get that sex sells.  I understand that…and to an ADULT audience that’s fine…but to specifically target young people who have NO business being sold on sex…that’s NOT fabulous!  Kids these days have sex on the brain enough without JCPenny jumping on the band wagon!  In their new ad it shows this boy and girl in their respective homes undressing and dressing…they are timing themselves to see how quickly they can get into and out of their clothes.  The next thing you see is the boy coming over to the girls house…they proceed to tell her mom they are “going downstairs to watch tv”.  It is OBVIOUS that they are NOT going to watch tv…and if they hear her starting to suspect something…they’ve got the timing down to get back into their clothes without her knowing what’s been going on.  This is just NOT fabulous!!  I’ve recently seen ads on tv about teen abstinence and I think that is great.  It would help stop a lot of STDs and unwanted teen pregnancies.  So for JCPenny…JCPENNY…come on!!…to start selling sex to our young people…it’s just ridiculous!!!  NOT FABULOUS!!  BOOOOO JCPENNY!!!  The safest sex is the kind you don’t have!!  REMEMBER…BE FABULOUS!!!


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