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Fabulous Fashion Advice: Panty hose and open toed shoes! June 23, 2008

SO…Panty hose and open toed shoes…DO NOT GO TOGETHER!!!!  I don’t care if they are nude colored…DO NOT DO IT!!!  It looks ridiculous and anyone with any kind of fashion sense at all knows this and will…I promise…laugh at you.  The whole purpose of an open toed shoes is for people to see your legs and toes…it’s ok, you don’t have to cover them up.  The only time you need to wear panty hose is when you are wearing CLOSED toed shoes…and even then you don’t HAVE to wear them.  I prefer not to…even in winter, but I just don’t like panty hose…they are too constricting.  I prefer thigh highs, and you can get a great pair at Victoria’s Secret.  They also have great garters for keeping them up!!  Talk about sexy…I have a pair of hot pink garters…I LOVE THEM!!!  So that’s my fashion RULE for today…NO PANTY HOSE WHEN WEARING OPEN TOED SHOES!!!  REMEMBER…BE FABULOUS!!!


One Response to “Fabulous Fashion Advice: Panty hose and open toed shoes!”

  1. fashiontrendsoftheday Says:

    Your fashion RULE is my fashion RULE! Thanks for advice.

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