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Fabulous Fashion Advice: Put a little paint on the barn! June 20, 2008

SO…I do believe that there are “natural” beauties…the problem is that 90% of people that think they are one of them…actually aren’t.  Put a little paint on the barn.  You don’t have to go overboard but you do need to have a good base to even out your skin tones.  Be sure to use a good concealer and a great foundation.  I recommend MAC products.  All of my makeup products are MAC with the exception of my mascara which is Loreal and my lip stick/tinted chapstick which is the Savannah Bee Company.  You also need to invest in a good set of makeup brushes.  They really do make a difference in how the makeup stays on.  If you don’t want to do a lot of makeup just add a light shadow and brown mascara and lip gloss with a little blush.  If I’m going out I go ALL out.  I love dark shadows and tons of mascara.  Think Hollywood, celebrity, glamazon eyes.  Just a side note…blue eye shadow…doesn’t work, EVER.   The best thing to do with makeup is not to follow a trend.  It would have to be a pretty big trend for me to follow it.  I would rather have a very classic look so that when I look at pics 10 years from now I won’t look completely ridiculous!  So that’s my advice to you…put a little paint on the barn but don’t go over board and paint it neon pink!  REMEMBER…BE FABULOUS!!!!


3 Responses to “Fabulous Fashion Advice: Put a little paint on the barn!”

  1. I agree… On days that I’ll be working at home with very little running around, I still apply Bare Minerals. At first I didn’t like it, but once my skin got used to the mineral effects and such, it started glowing! It’s the best $70.00 I’ve ever spent. I’m so impressed by the flawless airbrushed effect of my skin that I even wear it for concerts and going out… it’s perfect!

  2. Tara Says:

    My dear, though you are FABULOUS, you should also recommend Bare Minerals for anyone that might have a bit more sensitive skin. 😉 I use and I LOVE IT! From one diva to the next. 😉

  3. thefabulousbrittany Says:

    Hey everyone…in response to the comment from Tara…I know nothing about bare minerals but have heard a lot of people say they really like it. I can’t really recommend something I haven’t tried so you’ll have to take my fabulous diva friend’s advice on that one. Try it and let me know how great it is!

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