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Fabulous Fashion Advice: Jeans! June 17, 2008

So…I told you on my last post that we would talk about jeans.  Here we go!  I used to have a TERRIBLE time finding jeans that would fit well.  My problem is that I have a J. Lo butt (which is NOT a bad thing) and a Scarlett O’Hara waist (little bitty waist).  Can I tell you how hard it is to buy jeans for someone with that figure?!  I can’t wear all those cute little jeans at Hollister, American Eagle or the Buckle…all those places that you walk in and about fall into a coma because of the smell!!  Ugh!!  That’s a whole other subject!  Anyway, so for years I would buy the hottest jeans I could find at Gap, yes Gap.  They were the only jeans that would fit me well enough to look half way decent with heels and not let my “junk” fall completely out of my “trunk”.  Then a light from Heaven came on and I was given a miracle.  Seven For All Mankind jeans!!!!!!!  I cannot begin to tell you how FABULOUS they are!  They fit like a glove.  You’re going to pay around $180-190 (unless you have an Off 5th…the Saks Fifth Ave outlet store in your area)  but it is SO worth it.  Jeans are definitely something you need to invest in.  When you put Sevens on, you know instantly that you are wearing a luxury item.  The feel of the denim is so soft you’ll think you are wearing silk.  They are beyond comfortable even when you first put them on.  They will stretch but not enough to where they are falling off.  I hate it when people wear jeans that when they sit down you can see their butt crack…gross.  What’s even worse than that is these little girls that think wearing a thong and letting it show is cute…ugh!!  I like thongs…but they aren’t something that the whole world needs to know you are wearing.  Jeans should fit tight in the butt (but not to where it is uncomfortable) and they shouldn’t gap at your waist, like in your lower back area.  The jeans should fit close there, you shouldn’t be able to sit and see your tail, if you can, find a different pair or try a different size.  This may sound terrible but I don’t care…I usually wear my jeans 2 days in a row.  By the second day they have stretched out just enough to make your butt look fantastic.  So if I know I have a hot date the next night, I’ll wear the jeans I want to wear then the day before so they will be perfect for when I go out.  Btw…I never wear belts with my jeans.  I know they can be cute and wonderful but I don’t like them…they are just not comfortable to me.  and NEVER tuck your shirt in…period.  Unless your stomach is as flat as Victoria’s Secret supermodel Gisele…don’t tuck it in!  So…if you need some FABULOUS new jeans go to Saks Fifth Avenue or ANYWHERE that sells SEVEN FOR ALL MANKIND!!!  Remember…BE FABULOUS!


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