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Fabulous Fashion Advice: Are Staple Pieces REALLY that important? June 13, 2008

So…I know a lot of people believe that you need to have those “staple” pieces in your wardrobe, I agree with that to an extent.  Every woman needs a great pair of black pants, a black blazer, a great pump and a great boot, a little black dress, and a great bag.  If someone came into my closet and looked at everything I own, they aren’t going to find a lot of staple pieces.  I tend to buy outrageous things that very few people would dare to wear.  I would rather buy a fully Swarovski crystal studded tank than an Oscar De La Renta black blazer any day.  Here’s a sampling of the staple pieces I have in my wardrobe.  I have a great pair of Narciso Rodriguez black boots, Stuart Weitzman black pumps (I also have them in red patent leather…think “The Devil Wears Prada DVD cover!), a Guess Mariciano black blazer and skirt, and a timeless Louis Vuitton barrel bag.  You also need a GREAT pair of jeans!!  Which will be my next post…What to do about Jeans?!  Remember…BE FABULOUS!!!


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