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Fabulous Fashion Advice: Got a date? June 12, 2008

So…You only have 15 min to get ready for a hot date? Here’s what you do…makeup first…under eye concealer…powder, blush, pencil or shadow eye liner…dark lip gloss, jeans, tight Tshirt, huge earrings, bangle bracelet, highest heels you have, and throw your hair up in a high “New York” pony tail. You’ll look sleek, sophisticated, but also fun and not stuffy…very sexy to a man. They want you to LOOK high maintenance…not BE high maintenance! Remember…BE FABULOUS!


3 Responses to “Fabulous Fashion Advice: Got a date?”

  1. Sounds like fun!! But what do you do if you have short hair and are older than 29?

  2. JT Says:

    I just don’t have a bangled bracelet… and a lot of them other things. What do i do?? haha

  3. thefabulousbrittany Says:

    Well actually if you have short hair that’s even better. Especially if you have an easy to maintain cut. It shouldn’t take very long to fix it. And I don’t think age has a lot to do with it. I mean use common sense of course…don’t wear something so low cut that you leave nothing to the imagination. I will say though that Target has Fabulous Tshirts that would be great. What you are really looking for is a form fitting Tshirt…not something that is so tight you can see everything. If you can’t find anything as far as a tshirt, go with a white collared men’s style shirt. You can never go wrong with that. Throw on a great big chunky necklace and great earrings. Stand the collar up and unbutton the first and second button (you’ll know when it’s “too low”)…throw on your heels and go. That’s a great alternative to the tshirt idea and it’s something that no matter what your age…it will always look great. And if you don’t have time to iron it…pop it in the dryer for about 10 min and throw it on. You’ll look great… I promise!!! Remember….BE FABULOUS!

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