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White House Mishaps July 13, 2010

I got this comment a while back and just now really noticed it…

From Miss M:


First, I do not think First Lady Obama has any fashion sense…fashion mishaps, yes! Her clothes are for 20 year olds not a 45 year old mother of 2. Where are the pantyhose? She is no longer dressing for herself but representing the United States of America to the world. That hideous green dress was awful with the forest green Jimmy Choos and the JCrew gloves. Three greens don’t make it right.

And no, she will never be a Jackie O or in her league. Jackie O had style and class….Michelle lacks both. The white inaugural gown was awful……again, appropriate for a 20 year old not a 45 year old. She can be stylish and classic but so far……she is receiving a failing grade. Let’s hope someone step in and intervene soon or the world will be laughing at the First Lady!

My response.   Ladies and gentlemen please hold your applause until the end!!


There may be a lot of mishaps happening at the White House but it’s certainly not fashion related. Pantyhose?? Really??? No…no…no…no pantyhose allowed unless it is freezing cold and you’re wearing pumps or boots. Fashion is no longer what it used to be. The rules our mothers lived by no longer apply. I think it’s very refreshing to see women/mothers trying to dress like they still give a crap about what the men in their life think…more importantly what THEY think about themselves. GONE are the days of frumpy mom who always smells like baby lotion! GONE I say!! Mom’s today are more FABULOUS than ever before! Give me a mom in skinny jeans chunky boots and loads of bracelets with a dash of the newest Juicy Couture perfume!! Since when can Michelle Obama NOT dress for herself??? That’s absurd. If she’s not being herself then she’s not representing America because that’s who WE THE PEOPLE are. We are individuals, with different styles and quirks. Our individuality is what sets us apart and I think she represents us well…fashionably speaking! My ears are perked up but I hear no laughing yet Miss M.


Inman Realty Group-The Fabulous July 11, 2009

Hey Everyone!  So, yes…it’s been a long time BUT…I’m here!  I am loving married life and am loving our real estate company, Inman Realty Group!  We are so blessed!!  If you are looking to buy, sell, rent or lease out your home…we are here to help!  We serve the greater Nashville area!  Check us out online


Fabulous Fashion Advice: The Bachelor is a mess! March 3, 2009

So…here’s my take on the whole Bachelor finale…which by the way has a part 2, what more drama could possibly ensue?  I think the whole thing is one big mess.  I don’t know if you caught this or not BUT…last night when they played back Molly leaving and telling Jason he was making a big mistake…I’m not positive but I am pretty sure that they allowed more of the conversation to be shown in the play back used last night to show Molly.  She (Molly) was telling him he had made a huge mistake and then she said “I’m afraid Melissa is going to wake up one day and decide that she doesn’t want to be married to you anymore and then you’ll be hurt again, just like last time.”   Then you see this huge expression of OMG on Jason’s face and she proceeds to leave.  So here’s my thing.  I think Jason did want to marry Melissa…and Molly, knowing the whole situation, which buttons to push and what words would cut deepest said basically…she’s going to leave you just like your ex wife did…are you sure you want that to happen because I would never do that to you.  That’s what I think made everything change.  I think she purposely said the thing she knew would hurt him the most and get him most agitated and unsure of his decision.  I am very sorry for Melissa because she was truly in love with him and you could see it when they all three were together…it just fit.  I’m sure Molly is truly in love with him too, obviously since 2 minutes after he broke off his engagement she is making out with him like nothing ever happened…Awkward!  By the way…all this happened in front of MILLIONS of viewers…not thousands.  MILLIONS!  Wow…sad times!  So I hope they all find who they are really truly in love with and I wish them all love , happiness and contentment!  Remember…BE FABULOUS!


Fabulous Fashion Advice: The Oscars February 23, 2009

So the Oscars were last night!  I LOVED the show.  It did last a little long!  I felt like they really focused on the technical side of film…I know they deserve the recognition but I wish they would focus more on the actors.  I mean, yay for the sound mixers, BUT come on…I wanna see the stars!!!!  Speaking of stars…let’s talk fashion!!!  Open a new window and go HERE so you can follow along!  Amy Adams red number…not a fan.  I felt like a lot of the women chose beautiful colors and cut but lost the edge with odd additivies.  Why the upsweep on this beautiful red gown?  Odd.  Jessica Biel…AWFUL!!!  She looks like she has a growth on one side of her chest…it’s terrible!  Josh Brolin and Dianne Lane…classy!  Marion Cotillard’s Dior gown was beautiful BUT…her hair was not done well.  It didn’t match the gown.  I felt like they had spent 3 hours getting her into the dress and 10 min on her hair…not well done.  LOVED LOVED LOVED Penelope Cruz!!!  The gown was 60 years old, she had seen it in a shop 8 years ago and went back to get it for the Oscars and it was still there!  That’s destiny!  Ok…I am NOT a Miley Cyrus fan for several reasons…one being the fact that normal she can’t keep her clothes on in pics!  However she looked radiant last night!!  The dress was stunning, age appropriate and just wonderful!  Ok…I know I am going to have some people that are NOT going to like what I’m fixing to say BUT…It’s my blog…I’ll say what I want.  WHY OH WHY were the stars of High School Freakin Musical on THE ACADEMY AWARDS????!!!!!  IT was torture!!!!  I was so annoyed!  James Franco looked very very elegant with a modern edge…very nice!  Angelina Jolie…fabulous!!  I LOVED the all black gown with the emerald jewels!  Very simple, VERY elegant!  She has come so far!!  Alicia Keys…what were you thinking…terrible gown!  Heidi Klum…not impressed.  I felt like she was way off.  Not that everyone has to look the same but it felt like there was a running theme and she didn’t fit in…of course I guess in Hollywood that’s the point.  Maybe it’s her blond hair…I just feel like you lose her in the dress.  All I see are these red harsh lines and no Heidi Klum.  What was up with Melissa Leo’s hair??  Abba called…they want their hair style back.  Virginia Madsen…now THAT’S the way a red dress should look on a woman.  Gorgeous!  Sarah Jessica Parker…can you say MAJOR boob job!!  I mean…I thought torpedos were gonna come shooting out of those things!  The gown was a little Cinderella for me.  Oh…and I am not a fan of that terrible hair color she has going on right now.  Frieda Pinto, she is a pretty girl.  Not a fan of the dress.  I think she could have done better.  It wasn’t awful though.  Mickey Rourke looked fantastic!!!  He was very rock and roll!!  I liked it!  Amanda Seyfried…awful, just awful!  A bow…are you kidding me?!!  All hail Meryl Streep for the amazing talent she is…the dress…not so much.  I wanted to see her in a beautiful jewel tone…perhaps an emerald green or rich eggplant…not dull beige.  Poor Tilda Swinson…I swear she is daft when it comes to fashion.  The bottom part of the dress is great…then you look up and it’s a disaster!!!  I mean she knows she’s a woman right??  You have a chest…don’t cover up with a beige sheet!  I loved everything about Kate Winslet’s gown…except for the odd shoulder strap.  I don’t mind the strap so much as the fact that it doesn’t match the other side.  The other side is very finished looking and then the strap looks like they couldn’t figure out how to make it look the same.  Just odd…but other than that she looked stunning!  Whoopi Goldberg looked GREAT!!!  I have to say that it was so nice to see the stars out in all their glitz and glamour.  In times like these it’s great to see beauty and grace and style and wealth.  It gives us hope…because after all tomorrow is another day!!  Remember…BE FABULOUS!!!


Fabulous Fashion Advice: It’s Oscar Time again! February 3, 2009

So I just got off the Oscars website.  I’m very excited about the nominees this year!!  We’ve had a great year in film!  It’s so refreshing!  It seems like we went through a drought there for a while but are now back to blooming fields of cinematic imagery!  In case you haven’t seen the complete list of nominees you can check it out HERE.  Now we all know that the Academy Awards are to honor those who excel in the field of acting/entertaining/come what may…however, I would argue that the awards are just as much about the Red Carpet and gowns.  I can’t tell you how excited I am about who will be wearing what this year.  Let me tell you why.  Look at the nominees for Actress in a Leading Role: Anne Hathaway, Kate Winslet, Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolie…and a woman I’ve never heard of Melissa Leo.  With names like that how can you NOT have a great night of fashion!!??!!  As far as Actress in a Supporting Role I am SO looking forward to seeing what Amy Adams and Penelope Cruz will be wearing!  I know that there is a lot of criticism about how stars are in their own world and why in the world should we as the public care what they are wearing…”Shouldn’t they do more for the world than wear some dumb dress?!”…I’ve heard it all before.  I understand where these people are coming from but I want you to look at it from a different perspective for a minute.  With the downturn in the economy it seems like all we see is gloom.  For me seeing these women in all their glory and fabulousness it gives me an escape from reality…even if it’s only for a few hours on a Sunday night.  It’s like on a rainy day when just for a moment the sun breaks through and you feel the warmth on your face.  So I saw bring on the Oscar, bring on the stars and bring on the FASHION!!!!  Remember…BE FABULOUS!


Fabulous Fashion Advice: I love head scarfs! January 23, 2009

I went to Forever 21 the other day and found this great bright colored paisley print headscarf for…get this…2 BUCKS!  It’s awesome!!!  The funny part about this is that about 8 months ago I was shopping with one of my best friends and I found this long yellow scarf and tried to put it on my head and look cool…which I did not succeed at…hahaha!…anyway she came and helped show me how to do it.  For those of you, like me, who may not be so enlightened…let me share.  First of all if you are going to wear your hair down fix it however you normally would.  Then take the scarf and in the middle fold it to where you only have about a 3 inch band of material.  In order to tie the scarf you’ll need to pull your hair back…not too tight, in a pony tail holder after that take the middle piece and place it on your head placing the rough folded edges toward the back and tie it in a knot under your ponytail at the nape of your neck.  Take the ponytail out and fluff the back of your hair.  Now make sure that the scarf is not at the very front of your forehead.  Leave about 2 – 3 inches of hair in front so you don’t look bald…leave it pulled back in the scarf but just barely.  So anyway…I bought it and have LOVED wearing it.  SO the other day I am out shopping with this same FABULOUS friend and I find another scarf!!  It’s SO cute so she convinced me to buy and I am so glad I did!  It’s just such a great alternative to a hair tie thingy…oh crap I can’t think of the word.  You know what I mean…the black fabric covered rubber band deal?!  Anyway…it’s so chic!  Try THIS look Nichole Ritchie pulls off.  It just feels right for spring.  My husband and I are going on a cruise in Feb to Mexico and you can rest assured my fabulous self will be wearing a head scarf!!  REMEMBER…BE FABULOUS!!!!


Fabulous Fashion Advice: Michelle Obama and the dress January 21, 2009

So the dress was designed by Jason Wu, a relatively new talent in the fashion world.  I was very impressed that she chose someone of little reknown…it’s SO refreshing to have a First Lady that actually cares about fashion and doesn’t settle for looking like a PTA mom.  The gown was stunning and you can see a pic HERE.  When I first saw it I thought it was cream but it turns out it is a light pale yellow.  It’s beautiful.  I had someone say that she needed to dress her age…are you kidding me??  What?  Just because she is in her 40’s means that she has to dress boring?  Because that’s what you are saying…she is 28 anymore…she should dress like a soccer mom.  NO!  NO I say!!!  ONWARD FASHION!!!!  Can you imagine the gall of someone to say that she should dress OLDER???  They are HIGH!  She looked stunning and elegant.  I was very proud as I know millions of americans were!  We ARE going to see GREAT fashion moments from Michelle Obama.  The Inauguration and Inaugural Ball is the first of many GREAT moments in her fashion life!  I’m excited to watch her style develop!  So here’s great piece of fashion advice…if you want to dress like an old lady and if you want to have NO style at all…do exactly OPPOSITE of what Michelle Obama does and you will have succeeded!  REMEMBER…BE FABULOUS!